Residential customers with a satisfactory payment record shall have the option of paying bills under the City's equal payment plan (Budget Plan), whereby the total electric service for the succeeding 12 month period will be estimated in advance, and bills will be rendered monthly on the basis of one twelfth of the 12 month estimate. The City or customer may at any time during the 12 month period adjust the estimate to conform more nearly to the actual charge being experienced for electrical service. The normal equal payment period will be 12 months, commencing in any month selected by the City. However, in those cases where billing is commenced during a month which leaves less than 12 months until the beginning of the next normal equal payment period to which the customer is assigned, payments shall be calculated on the basis of the number of months left in such period.

In case the actual service used during any equal payment period exceeds the bills as rendered on the equal payment plan, the amount of such excess shall be paid on or before the due date of the bill covering the last month of the equal payment period. In case the actual service used during the equal payment period is less than the amount paid under the equal payment plan during such period, the amount of such overpayment shall, at the option of the City, either be refunded to the customer or credited on his last bill for the period.

If the customer fails to pay bills as rendered on the equal payment plan, the City shall have the right upon written notice to withdraw the plan with respect to such customer, to restore the customer to regular billing, and to recover any amounts which may be in arrears at that time.

Once enrolled, a customer may not disenroll from the budget plan until the end of the budget period. A customer who chooses to withdraw from the equal payment plan may not re enroll in the plan for at least 6 months