A customer whose bill remains unpaid on the 10th day after the final notice will have his service disconnected, subject to the following conditions or exceptions:

  • Service shall not be disconnected at a residence without making personal contact with the customer when a customer is emotionally handicapped or provides documentation from a medical professional certifying a medical condition exists requiring the uninterrupted provision of utilities (water, sewer, electric). The documentation must state which specific utility or utilities are essential.
  • Disconnection for delinquent final bills with more than one current account can be subject to disconnection of active locations.
  • Payment agreements will be accepted up to 2 times per 12 month period. Exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the Billing Department Supervisor or Management. Any such arrangements should be made on or before the due date shown on bill.
  • Accounts that have had service terminated and that are over 90 days past due may be referred to a private agency for collection.


Disconnection for Fraud or Violation of Rules

Where fraudulent use of electricity is detected or where the City's meters and/ or equipment is tampered with, service may be discontinued without notice and criminal prosecution may be instigated. Service may also be disconnected without notice when a dangerous condition involving the service is known to exist on or within the customer's premises.

In cases where electric service is reconnected fraudulently to a residence after the City has disconnected service, the City will cut electrical power to the residence by any means necessary. The customer will be required to pay a $100 reconnection fee per metered service, and cost of reconnection of service. Additional costs may be incurred depending on severity of fraudulent actions or damages to equipment. Service will be reconnected within 24 hours after receipt of payment.