• To enhance the safety of the community.
  • To earn the respect and support of the citizens of the City of Martinsville by serving them with honesty, integrity, pride and professionalism.
  • To promote and maintain an innovative and efficient organization.
  • To maintain a qualified, diverse, and professional workforce that is our most valuable resource in accomplishing our mission.


  • The Professional Standards Officer will perform an annual review of objectives.  This will be done along with the goal review.
  • Command personnel will also provide input to the objective review.
  • Objectives will be listed directly under their respective goal.
  • Maintain a secure detention facility that is safe for staff and inmates.
  • Maintain secure court facilities.
  • Proficiently execute civil and criminal papers.
  • Maintain a professional and diverse organization that attracts and retains highly qualified and dedicated employees.
  • Educate and inform citizens regarding Sheriff's Office operations.
  • Provide community relations programs that are beneficial to the community.
  • Streamline operations by automating systems and processes whenever possible.
  • Improve operations through continual re-evaluation and improvement of existing processes.
  • Provide competitive compensation, benefit and career development programs for employees.
  • Provide new hire, in-service and specialized training through a state certified criminal justice training academy.