Tax Rates

Real Estate: $1.0621 per $100 assessed value

Personal Property: $2.30 per $100 assessed value

Machinery & Tools: $1.85 per $100 assessed value



Electric Terms and Conditions 

Schedule of Electric Rates . Please contact the Electric Department for more details.


Water and Sewer Terms and Conditions

Schedule of Water and Sewer Rates.  Please contact the Water Department for more details.

Refuse Rate

Residential Service:       $18.50/month

Business (twice/week):  $37.00/month

8 yard Dumpster (scheduled collection):   $26/occurrence

8 yard Dumpster (on demand collection):  $31/occurrence

Please contact the Public Works Department for more details.

Business Licenses

Business licenses are a minimum of $30 annually. Please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue for more details.

Meals Tax Rate:

Six and one-half (6.5) percent on the amount paid for meals purchased from any food establishment, whether prepared in such food establishment or not, and whether consumed on the premises or not. Please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue for more details.


Permit Fee schedule.  Please contact the Inspection Department for more information.

Animal License Tags

Female, 1 year tag   - $10.00

Male, 1 year tag - $10.00

Unsexed 1 year tag  - $3.00

Vicious  1 year tag  - $50.00

Duplicate 1 year tag - $1.00


Animal license tags can be purchased in the Treasurer’s office, located at 55 W. Church St., Suite 104, Martinsville, Virginia 24114 in Room 104 of the Municipal Building or by mail. Please send correspondence to City Treasurer, P. O. Box 1023, Martinsville VA 24114-1023

Vehicle License Fee

The annual license fee for vehicles are as follows:

  1. Automobiles: Twenty-nine dollars ($29.00).
  2. Trucks of not more than fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight: Twenty-nine dollars ($29.00).
  3. Trucks of more than fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds gross weight: Twenty-nine dollars ($29.00) for the first fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds and one dollar forty-five cents ($1.45) per one thousand (1,000) pounds gross weight in excess of fifteen thousand (15,000) pounds, rounded to the nearest thousand.
  4. Motorcycles: Seven dollars twenty-five cents ($7.25).