Cynthia Barbour

General Registrar

Registrar Location:
55 West Church Street, Office 122

8:30-11 a.m., Noon-5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

P.O. Box 1323
Martinsville, VA 24114
Phone 276-403-5122
Fax 276-403-5258
E-mail the registrar

Electoral Information

Electoral Board Members

Chairman - Kathy C. Lawson
Vice-Chairman - Artis M. Law
Secretary - Rachel R. Beneke


 Informational Links:


Department of Elections:

Information on Candidate Qualifications & Requirements:

Voter Registration Drives - Certification - *New* 7/1/2013:

  • Completed Voter Registration Applications through Registration Drives required to be submitted to Voter Registration Office within 10 days.

Confirm your current voter registration information is


 Restoration of Rights - Secretary of Commonwealth:


      • 1-855-575-9177


Upcoming Dates:

Electoral Board Meeting: Jan. 15th, 8:15 AM, Municipal Building Conference Rm 32


General Election - November 3, 2015

  • Member, Senate of Virginia - 20th District
  • Member, House of Delegates - 16th District

*Virginia Law requires Photo ID when voting in person.  Need a Free Photo ID for voting purposes, contact Voter Registration Office, 276-403-5122.


ALL polling places are accessible to the handicapped

Voter registration deadline to vote in November 3, 2015 General Election: October 13, 2015, 5:00 pm (Download Interactive Virginia Voter Registration Application in the next section below.)

Voter Information/Voter ID Required:



Virginia Voter Registration Application -

Interactive Voter Registration Application

Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form-

Interactive Absentee Ballot Application

  • Accepting now for ballots issued by mail; ballot is available (45 days prior to General Election, Sec. 24.2-612)

Uniformed Military and Overseas Voters:  Official Election Notice - (Sec. 24.2-465)

Click here:  UOCAVA 100 Day Notice

Mark-Sense Ballot Instructions:

  • Clearly mark your choices in the ovals using the black pens provided in the poll stations.
  • Fully and completely mark the oval.
  • Follow instructions at the polling station for submitting your vote.
  • To write in a candidate whose name is not on the ballot, write the name on the line provided and completely fill in the oval next to that line.

Note: Write-in Votes not permitted in Primary Elections: Virginia Election Law 24.2-529


Work At The Polls - If interested, contact 276-403-5122

General Election Days:

  • First Tuesday after the first Monday in November (every year); primary and special elections vary


  • 5 a.m. until polls have closed, the results have been determined and recorded, and all voting equipment, ballots, and election materials have been prepared and returned to Circuit Court Clerk's office.

You are eligible to be an Election Official if you:

  • Are registered to vote in Virginia
  • Do not hold elected office of or are not the employee or deputy of an elected official.
  • Enjoy meeting people and serving the public.
  • Are detail-oriented, able to take direction well, and are not easily distracted.


  • Setting up equipment and signs.
  • Processing voters and issuing ballots.
  • Instructing and assisting voters.
  • Tallying results, securing equipment, and closing the polling place.
  • Certifying votes cast.


A mandatory training session is required prior to each election.


Minimum of $110 per day + $15 for attending and completing training session.


Elections FAQs

Q. What are the penalties if I provide false information to the registrar?
A. To knowingly give false information on any voter registration document is a felony under Virginia law. The punishment is a maximum fine of $2500 and/or confinement for up to ten years. Also, you lose your right to vote.

Q. When are federal elections held?
A. Every two even years (2000,2002,2004...)

Q. What are terms of office for local officials?
A. All Martinsville City officials serve a term of four years, except for the clerk of the Circuit Court, who is elected for eight years. City council members' terms are staggered, so at least two council members are elected in November of even-numbered years.

Q. Where can I register?
A. All qualifying U.S. citizens can register at 55 West Church Street, Room 122, or through the Department of Motor Vehicles, and various other local agencies. An application can be downloaded from this website, or an application can be mailed to you at your request.

Q. Do I have to pay to register to vote?
No. No one has to pay to register or to vote.

Q. How late can I register and still vote in the next election?
A. You must register 29 days prior to the election to be eligible to vote.

Q. Where can I find information on past voter turnout and election results?
A. The Virginia State Board of Elections has information on most elections dating back to the mid-1990s. For earlier results, contact the registrar directly.