When severe weather hits or is predicted, Martinsville City crews prepare by installing snow plows and salt spreaders, fueling trucks and preparing heavy equipment. On-call crews typically begin clearing when accumulations warrant plowing.

Some surfaces, such as bridge decks and steep grades, will be pre-treated with de-icing chemicals to discourage ice accumulations in those locations.

When crews clear roads, they do so in the following order, working 12-hour shifts:

  1. Primary highways (Memorial Boulevard, Commonwealth Boulevard, Liberty Street, Fairy Street, Church Street, Market Street, Starling Avenue, Brookdale)
  2. Collector streets (Rives Road, Mulberry, Fayette, Spruce, Clearview)
  3. Residential streets & cul-de-sacs
  4. City parking lots and sidewalks

That means that residential areas will be the last to be cleared, and we ask for your patience.

Please do not park on the street during snowfall to avoid damage from collisions with plows and from snow being thrown. When snow does fall, wait until the plows have passed your driveway to shovel the snow. Blocking your driveway is an unavoidable part of clearing snow for everyone.

Please do not threaten drivers or City employees. They will clear the streets as soon as practically possible.