J. Frank Wilson Memorial Park - NEW!!! - Nature Trail - 0.3 mile over 40 foot bridge over creek and tree and rock identification signage along trail (trailheads are at Log Shelter or off paved path exiting the Park on the right). Paved Trail - 0.7 mile of paved trail through the Park and back around following Church Street Ext - LOOP. Combine the Paved and Nature trails for 0.8 mile of trail.

Dark Hollow - 3.1 mile of mountain biking and walking trail (Off Mt. Olivet Rd. on Stonewall Jackson Trail Drive).

Uptown Spur Trail - 0.6 mile of paved trail (Off Franklin St. in Uptown Martinsville).

Doe Run Park - 1 mile of natural surface trail (270 DuPont Rd.)

Dick and Willie Passage - 4.5 miles of Paved Trail. Runs from Virginia Ave. to Mulberry Creek Overlook. Open to walking, running, biking, roller blading, and skateboarding. Click to view map.

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Gravely Nature Preserve - 1.5 mile of natural trail (Off of Eggleston Falls Rd. in southern Henry Co.).

Doe Run Park - 1.5 miles of natural trail (Off DuPont Rd., off of U.S. 220).


Smith River Fieldale Trail - 1 mile of crushed gravel trail and 1.3 miles of natural surface trail (Off River Rd. (Rte. 57) in Fieldale, turn at the old iron bridge).

Jack Dalton Park - 0.6 mile of paved trail (Off Refuse Rd., off Kings Mountain Road behind Henry Co. Admin. Building)


Jaycee Park - 1.25 miles of hiking trail (Off King Mountain Road).


Philpott Park Trail System - 1.7 miles of trails (Off Fairy stone Park Hwy, on Philpott Dam Rd.)

Fairy Stone State Park - 9 miles of multi-use trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Smith River Boat Access
  • Doe Run - Dupont Rd., Martinsville
  • South Martinsville - Tensbury Rd., Martinsville
  • Smith River Sports Complex - 1000 Irisburg Rd.
  • Philpott - Philpott Dam Rd., Bassett
  • Bassett - Trenthill Rd., Bassett
  • Fieldale - River View Rd. Fieldale
  • Marrowbone - Eggleston Falls Rd. Ridgeway