Electric: $200 for units heated by electricity, $100 for residential units heated by gas or oil. Water & Sewer: $25 for residential units in the city, $30 for city utility customers located outside the city limits

In lieu of a deposit, a customer may present documentation from a previous utility provider for a 12-month consecutive period demonstrating a satisfactory credit record.

At the request of a residential customer, a schedule will be arranged to allow payment of the required deposit in no more than three equal consecutive monthly installments. Failure to pay deposit installments when due will result in discontinuance of service. In such cases, service will not be reconnected until the deposit is paid in full and all utility charges and reconnection fees have been paid.

An agency may pay a portion of the deposit equal to but not less than 1/3 of the total required deposit for a customer at which time service will be connected. The remaining balance of the deposit would be applied to customer's account in 1 or 2 equal payments.