Government: Ensure a Government That Is Efficient, Transparent, Affordable, Inclusive and Collaborative

  • Key Outcomes: More frequent MGTV programming. Use website and social media to announce opportunities.
  • Success Indicator: Increase community participation and number of citizens qualified and interested in serving on Boards and Commissions. Emphasize community inclusion.
  • Supporting Goals: 1.3 Expand MGTV usage. Use website and social media. 1.2/1.3 Create brochure and presence at community events (ie. Oktoberfest) 1.2 Explore needs for establishing new Boards.
  • Performance Measure: Number of new programs T:(4) new programs 1st year.
  • Lead Responsibility: City Manager, MIS, and Human Resources
  • Priority: Immediate


  1. Boards and Commissions vacancies run daily on MGTV. (Kathy Vernon - February 2, 2015)
  2. We have a recruiting brochure that we distribute at local events: Citizens Academy and Job Fairs (Kathy Vernon - February 2, 2015)
  3. The website and social media are used to promote local events. (Kathy Vernon - February 2, 2015)
  4. Department Directors to appear on MGTV to discuss how their departments operate. (Kathy Vernon - November 13, 2017)

Explanation of Data

  1. Liberty University and Medical Outreach Clinic - October 2017
  2. Public Safety with Fire and Police Chief - November 2017
  3. A Nuisance Property Maintenance Segment with Fire Chief and Property Maintenance Inspector - December 2017
  4. Seasonal Public Works Issues with the Public Work Director - December 2017