Government: Ensure a Government That Is Efficient, Transparent, Affordable, Inclusive & Collaborative

  • Key Outcomes: Public enthusiasm and support. Increased participation on all boards, commissions, and public meetings.
  • Success Indicators: Opportunities for citizens.
  • Support Goals:
    1. Promote leadership opportunities in the City. (1.7.1)
    2. Create city government internship program. (1.7.2)
  • Performance Measures: Number of board/commission vacancies and participation in community opportunities.
  • Lead Responsibility: City Manager, Human Resources
  • Priority: Mid-Range


  1. Information on Boards and Commissions vacancies is also located in the front lobby of City Hall (Kathy Vernon - August 17, 2017)
  2. Boards and Commissions vacancies run daily on MGTV. (Kathy Vernon - February 15, 2017)
  3. Ferrum student inquired about ride-along. Info forwarded to Chief. (David Brahmstadt - May 13, 2016)
  4. JMU intern for Telecom processed and will begin in June. (David Brahmstadt - May 13, 2016)

Explanation of Data

As of November 2017 - 76 positions are filled out of a possible 102 seats