Budget & Finance: Ensure That the City of Martinsville Remains a Financially Viable & Sustainable Community.

  • Key Outcomes: Balanced budget - Regular reports submitted by staff on efforts to raise revenues and reduce expenses. Focus efforts on "growing the top line"
  • Success Indicators: Each year the City Council and Manager create and adopt a balanced budget
  • Supporting Goals: Working group created for pre-budget-related discussions - Working group to include Department Heads, City Manager, and Council
  • Performance Measures: Working group has met - Balanced budget created - Develop strategies to incentivize investment in properties to increase property values. Develop strategies to grow revenue. Develop a continuous improvement program
  • Lead Responsibility: Council, City Manager, Department Heads
  • Priority: Immediate


  1. Once again, working groups were used in developing the FY18 budget, and the same will occur for the FY19 budget preparation. (Linda Conover - July 28, 2017)
  2. Working groups were utilized for FY17 budget development and the same is anticipated for FY18 (Leon Towarnicki - July 12, 2016)