Parks & Recreation

YMCA Contract

Effective September 1, 2018, the City of Martinsville has entered into a contract with the Martinsville YMCA to provide contractual services for the City Parks and Recreation programs. The YMCA will advertise and accept applications for youth football, basketball, baseball, co-ed adult softball, etc; assign teams and schedules, coordinate venues, arrange, officiate, etc. related to these activities.

The YMCA will collect registration/participation fees as deemed appropriate. Courtney Hairston, staff person from the YMCA, will be the point of contact for City recreational programs.

Contact Information

Courtney Hairston, YMCA Contact
Phone 276 632-6427, ext. 1010
Email Courtney Hairston

Mailing Address
Martinsville YMCA
3 Starling Avenue
Martinsville, VA 24112

Martinsville YMCA Website

Activity Guides

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Park Rentals

The City of Martinsville will continue to rent the parks and payment should be paid to the treasurer’s office. "Effective April 1, 2021: Due to the threat of COVID-19, the City of Martinsville asks that you observe the COVID guidelines set forth by the Governor of Virginia during all park activities.”

For more information on park rentals, contact Public Works at 276-403-5154.

Senior Center

The Martinsville Senior Center is located in the Public Works Department at the Municipal Building:
55 W Church Street
Room 226
Martinsville, VA 24112

The Senior Center is not offering any on-site or off-site activities at this time, however; transportation is still being offered to area residents who qualify. Please call 276-403-5260 for more information.

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