Utility Billing


The Utility Billing Department includes three customer service representatives and two AMI Support Technicians.

The utility billing office staff provides assistance to customers signing up for electric, water, sewer, and garbage collection. The AMI Support Technicians are among the most visible of the city employees because they work throughout the city maintaining the city's AMI system.

How to Obtain Services

Customers may obtain services by visiting the Utility Billing Department. This can be done in person, by fax, or electronically with proper identification. A social security card and valid driver's license may be needed to obtain new services. A deposit may also be required. In lieu of a deposit, a customer may present documentation from an electric provider demonstrating a satisfactory credit report. Payments for deposits may be made in cash, personal check, money order, certified check, or credit card. The Treasurer's Office does not accept Visa debit/credit cards at this time.  

The City offers a $6 per month water service discount for senior citizens who are 65 or older if they own or lease the property in which they reside. In order to receive the senior citizen discount, the customer must provide adequate identification verifying their date of birth and complete an application form (PDF) available in Utility Billing. 

Direct debit service and equal payment plan (budget plan) are other services offered. Customers interested in these conveniences should contact Utility Billing. 

Payment Methods

The City accepts credit card and debit card payments for utility services.

Online eCheck and credit card payments are accepted through Martinsville Citizen Self-Service. There is a $0.50 fee for eCheck processing.

The convenience fee for the credit card is based on the amount of the transaction. The minimum fee for credit card processing is $2. All bills are payable at the City Treasurer's Office. Drive-through and night depository facilities are available for customer convenience.