Will you use a sign to advertise your special event?

If yes, contact the Zoning Office for sign code compliance. They can be called at 276-403-5380, or visited at:
55 W Church Street
Room 215
Martinsville, VA 24112

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1. Will you hold your event on a city street or in a city park or parking lot?
2. Do you have insurance coverage for this event with a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage listing the City of Martinsville as an additional insured party on the policy?
3. Have you submitted a plan to the Police Department to control parking, crowds, and vehicular traffic?
4. Have you submitted a plan to the Fire Marshal detailing fire and rescue arrangements?
5. Do you require assistance from the Sheriff's Motorcycle Brigade for parade escort assistance?
6. Will your event require street closures?
7. Have you made arrangements for trash clean-up and removal?
8. Will your event require utility services beyond those available at the site?
9. Will you erect tents, stages or other temporary outdoor structures?
10. Will you have amusement rides and devices that may include but are not limited to carnival rides, inflatables, climbing walls, etc.?
11. Will you use a sign to advertise your special event?
12. Will you sell or serve beer, wine and/or liquor?
13. Will either you, or food vendors participating in the event, prepare and/or offer any food products, free or for sale, that will be for public consumption?
14. Will food vendors be selling or offering home-canned or processed food items (including jams, jellies, honey, preserved food, etc) or making apple butter?
15. Will you be selling merchandise or food?
16. Will you be conducting dances at your business location?
17. Is your event accessible for people with disabilities?
18. Have you completed all the above requirements that you answered "yes" to?