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FAQs Animal Control


Contact the health department or the animal control office. If you have been exposed the bat then a Health exposure report will need to be filed and the bat will need to be captured for analysis. If you feel that you have bats in a non common area Ex: attic, roof, etc. then you will need to contact an exterminator or wildlife removal service.

Wildlife is a common issue when living in more rural areas. We strongly advise to no leave food out for wildlife. Also, if you have outdoor companion animals we suggest to make adjustments so that wildlife does not have access to their food. There are wildlife removal services that can trap the animals and remove them from your property. However, Animal Control Division is not sanctioned to removed nuisance animals with in the City of Martinsville. If the animal poses an immediate threat to you or your companion animals you can contact Animal Control during Business hours or the Police Department after hours and an officer will come to assist in the immediate threat. 

Contact the Animal Control through the non-emergency communications number so that an officer can be dispatched to assist. 

Contact the animal control office. If no one answers leave a detailed message and an officer will return your call as soon as possible. Inform your neighbors and utilize social media to help locate your missing animal.  The Shelter is open Monday-Friday and allows the public to come see the animals to see if your companion is located at the shelter. 

The Martinsville City Animal Control and Shelter strives to help citizens with their companion animals. We have many resources that can help you with your animals. The preferred option is for owners to find a home for their companion animals. A Last resort is surrendering the animal to the shelter. If this is your option please contact the Animal Control office and the officer will walk you through the steps of how to turn the animal over. 

At the Martinsville Animal Shelter, we partner with the Martinsville Henry County SPCA. The SPCA handles our adoptions and all applications and fees are turned into the SPCA. The animal control Office has copies of the applications and a digital from can be found at

Hunting in Martinsville City is regulated by the Department Wildlife Resources. Martinsville City only allows Urban Archery you may not discharge a firearm with in the City limits. Hunters must obtain written permission from the property owner. No firearms other than a bow and arrow may be in the hunter’s possession. Discharge of an arrow is permitted only in order to take a deer. No discharge of an arrow shall be made toward any person, any animal other than a deer, any structure or any vehicle in such a manner as the arrow may strike such person, animal, structure or vehicle, nor shall a discharge be made in such a manner that the arrow may strike in any roadway. Archery equipment can only be discharged from temporary platforms elevated at least seven feet above the ground. Any disabled hunter unable to hunt from such a platform must comply with all regulations established by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. No pursuit of an injured or wounded deer shall be permitted upon the land of neighboring landowners unless the hunter has first obtained permission from that landowner. No field dressing of deer shall be permitted without the permission of the landowner. Any other questions regarding hunting can be directed to the Department of Wildlife Resources.