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City Prepares for Upcoming Snow Event

February 13, 2014

In anticipation of the major snowstorm forecasted to impact the City of Martinsville on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the Public Works Office is providing the following information:

•·        A decision regarding trash collection on Thursday will be made as soon as possible that morning, and if conditions are such that collection is cancelled, Thursday's route will be collected on Friday.   

•·        Citizens are reminded that streets in the City of Martinsville are plowed in priority order with arterial/main routes first, collector streets through neighborhoods next, followed by remaining residential streets, and finally parking lots.

•·        Martinsville City Code notes that occupants of property (or the owner if the property is unoccupied) are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their property. This includes sidewalks in front of Uptown businesses.

•·        Residents should refrain from parking vehicles on the street during and after the storm, to allow City equipment to clear the entire street.

•·        If residents or businesses clear private driveways or parking lots before the street is cleared, they should be aware that as City equipment plows the street, snow may be pushed back along the curb blocking the driveway and access to mailboxes.   The City is not responsible for clearing blocked driveways or providing access to mailboxes.  

•·        Residents and contractors who clear private driveways and parking lots should not push snow back out into the street.

If there is an emergency or unique situation needing special assistance, please contact the Public Works Office at 276-403-5154.