Human Relations Advisory Comm now taking applications to serve

March 28, 2011

Go to city website for application to serve on this new committee:

Human Relations Advisory Committee 

Mission-to advance strategies in the City that expands opportunity, reduces poverty, and builds inclusiveness. 

Vision-to create a culture of public decision-making and problem solving that is forward thinking, accountable and inclusive.

Goals-(1) Ensure open and accountable government that hears and values all voices. (2) Develop the civic capacity to address identified City challenges and opportunities.  (3) Bridge the fault line of race and class that inhibit community progress and erode civic health.

Objectives-(1) Analyze economic, workforce and demographic trends to identify challenges that impede progress for the City and its residents.  (2) To address these challenges, help City Council to develop or suggest responsive public policies at the local, state and/or federal levels; demonstrate effective programs; and build institutional and community capacity for progress.

Membership on committee open to public with no limit on terms set.