Lanier Road Waterline Replacement Project

January 19, 2012


Lanier Road Waterline Replacement Project

The City of Martinsville has started notifying residents of Lanier Road that the City is moving ahead with a project to replace a section of waterline on their street.  The City recently received notification of award of a grant from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to cover the costs of the project, and in accordance with VDH procedural guidelines, the project must follow certain public notification procedures before work can be started.

As a first step, the City is required to advertise an environmental notice in the local paper for 30 days.  Following the 30 day period, the City can then advertise a request for bids for the project, and the project must be advertised for 30 days prior to bid opening.  The Health Department has approved the project plans and specifications; however, the procedural guidelines established in the grant must be followed.  Options are being explored with VDH to expedite this project however based on the above information, the following schedule is anticipated:

•·         Environmental Notice published January 20th

•·         Advertisement for bids published February 28th

•·         Bid opening April 5th

•·         Construction begins April 19th


If you have questions regarding this project, please contact the City Engineering Department at 403-5159.