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Martinsville Police Warns Citizens about Scams

June 9, 2011

The Martinsville Police Department would like to alert local residents of another scam that is being carried out in our area.

A person claiming to be with Mega Millions Enterprise telephoned a city resident advising them that they had won a new Mercedes and 2.5 million dollars. The resident was advised that the Mercedes would be delivered to her home by a company representative, a lawyer and two federal agents. The caller further advised the resident that in order to receive the vehicle and prize money they needed to secure a $650 money order.

The caller advised the resident they had offices in the Washington D.C. area and that a company representative would accompany her to her bank to withdraw the money, if she could not send the money order.

Once again we would like to stress to all of our citizens the importance of not falling for any of these scams.  "Nothing is for free and any time someone is asking you to send money in order to receive money or a prize it is not legitimate."  

"Unfortunately, many of the callers are very skilled at telling a convincing story and we have had citizens lose a lot of money."

Another scam we continue to see are the very authentic looking checks that are mailed to citizens telling them they are entitled to a portion of the proceeds from check but the remainder of the funds has to be mailed back once it is cashed.  Other scams we have seen involve claims that someone has won a lottery or sweepstakes event, most often in a foreign country. 

We ask that citizens please discuss these precautions with family members who they fear may be contacted by these people or receive information in the mail.  

Mike Rogers

Chief of Police