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Getting Down to Business in Martinsville, VA

The following checklist and the services described are designed to help you understand the licensing and permitting process of operating a business in the City of Martinsville.

The licenses and permits you need depend on the type of business you plan to operate. This checklist offers a quick reference to all licenses and permits you may need. Review the following information to help you determine the licenses/permits that are applicable to your business and the documentation you may need to obtain each.  

In addition to local licensing and permitting, some professions such as attorneys, barbers, cosmetologists, contractors, medical doctors, morticians, etc. require additional Commonwealth of Virginia licensing.  For state certification requirements please refer to the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website.

Thank you for choosing the City of Martinsville to open and operate your business!  We wish you great success!


1. Will your business be located or conducted within the city limits of Martinsville? If you are unsure of the boundary lines, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue Office Real Estate Division at 276-403-5129 or refer to the City of Martinsville GIS maps.

Yes, continue to #2.

No, then you do not need a City of Martinsville business license.

2. Have you contacted the Zoning Office to see if your business location is zoned for the type of business you intend to conduct? Contact the Inspections Department to determine if the property passes building and fire code requirements?

Yes, bring your zoning inspection approval with you to the Commissioner of the Revenue office when you apply for your City of Martinsville business license, continue to #3.

No, contact Zoning and Inspections Offices for necessary approvals before proceeding to the next step.

3. Are you looking for a building or site in the City of Martinsville to locate your business?

Yes, contact Economic Development for information on available property, or the Martinsville-Henry Co. Chamber of Commerce.

No, continue to #4.

4. Do you intend to operate your business out of your home?

Yes, contact the Zoning and Inspections Office for special use requirements.

No, continue to #5.

5. Will you use a sign to advertise your business, initiate any building construction or tenant improvements, or will there be a change in property use from the previous business occupant?

Yes, contact the Community Development office for sign code compliance, or for plan review, building permit and certificate of occupancy issuance. After contact, continue to #6.

No, continue to #6.

6. Will you sell or serve beer, wine and/or liquor?

Yes, contact Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control or Roanoke Regional Office, 2943 D Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke, VA 24019, Phone: 540-562-3604. Once state licensing is received contact the City of Martinsville Commissioner of the Revenue to obtain your local ABC license. After contact, continue to #7.

No, continue to #7.

7. Will you serve prepared food, operate a tattoo or massage facility, hotel or public pool?

Yes, contact Martinsville-Henry County Health Department, 295 Commonwealth Blvd., P.O. Box 1032, Martinsville, VA 24114 phone: 276-638-2311 fax: 276-638-3537 for approval. After contact, continue to #8. You must register with the City of Martinsville Commissioner of the Revenue for City of Martinsville Meals Tax Collection when you apply for your business license. Meals Tax Registration Form

No, continue to #8.

8. Will you employ three or more employees?

Yes, contact the Virginia Employment Commission regarding withholding information at 233 W. Commonwealth Blvd. Martinsville, VA or call 276-634-3600. You may obtain workman’s compensation insurance from your own insurance company. After contact, continue to #9.

No, continue to #9.

9. Are you a general or sub-contractor?

Yes, contact the State Board for Contractors for state licensing requirements. You will also need to provide a Certificate of Insurance for Worker’s Compensation with the Commissioner of the Revenue when applying for a business license. Download Form 61A

No, continue to #10.

10. Will your business be a corporation or limited liability company?

Yes, contact the State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Office at 804.371.9733 or toll-free in Virginia at 866-722-2551, or visit their website.

No, continue to #11.

11. Do you need a Federal ID Number and Federal IRS forms?

Yes, download forms and find business related information at IRS.  Bring your Federal ID number with you when you apply for your business license, #17.

No, continue to #12.

12. Will you be operating a retail sales business?

Yes, register for a Virginia sales tax number by downloading and filing Form R-1 from the Virginia Department of Taxation. Instructions for State Business Registration Form.  Or register for Virginia taxes online.

No, continue to #13.

13. Will you use a fictitious name or “doing business as” name?

Yes, register online with the State Corporation Commission Clerk's Office. There is a $10 filing fee. For more information regarding fictitious names please refer to the SCC FAQs. Bring the proof of registration from the Clerk's office when you come to complete your business license application with the Commissioner of the Revenue (Step #17.)

No, continue to #14.

14. Will you be using personal property or machinery and tools for business purposes?

Yes, the Commissioner of the Revenue will establish your personal property account when you file your business license application, see #17.

No, continue to #15.

15. Will you be operating a taxi service?

Yes, contact the Martinsville City Manager’s office for permit requirements at 276-403-5182.

No, continue to #16.

16. Will you be conducting dances at your business location?

Yes, contact the Martinsville City Manager’s office for permit requirements at 276-403-5182.

No, continue to #17.

17. Have you completed all the above requirements that you answered “yes” to?

Yes. Congratulations, you are ready to submit your application for a City of Martinsville Business License! Please complete your business license application. If you need assistance with completing the application, you may contact the Business License Auditor in the Commissioner’s office by phone 276-403-5133.  Due to Covid19 the Commissioner of the Revenue encourages you to complete the licensing process either by email (, fax (276-403-5337) and phone (276-403-5133).  The Business License Auditor in the Commissioner's office will tell you what documentation you will need to submit in addition to the business license application to complete the licensing process.