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EPA Community-Wide Brownfields Redevelopment Program

2016 – 2018 EPA Brownfields Program Status – AUGUST 2018

By evaluating abandoned, underutilized and deteriorating industrial and commercial sites, the City hopes to spur economic development and revitalization throughout the community.

What are Brownfields?


1. What has been accomplished so far?

  • $400,000 Grant awarded June 2015
  • Project initiated October 2015
  • Brownfield Inventory/Database Established
  • Multiple Sites Assessed
  • Redevelopment Plans Ongoing
  • Program Complete by December 2018

2. What sites are included in the Program so far and what is their status?

  • Former Gas Station / Future Salvation Army Family Store & Pathways of Hope Facility
    617 South Memorial Boulevard
    Phase I ESA & Concept Plan Complete; Phase II ESA Underway
  • Former Gas Station / Car Wash, 700 North Memorial Boulevard
    Phase I & II ESAs Complete
  • Former Thomas Trucking Auto Yard, 732 West Fayette Street
    Phase I & II ESAs and Redevelopment Planning Complete
  • Former Paradise Inn, 802 West Fayette Street
    Phase I ESA and Redevelopment Planning Complete, Phase II ESA Pending
  • Former VM Draper Property, 100 South Jackson Street
    Phase I & II ESAs Complete; Redevelopment Planning Ongoing
  • Former American Furniture Plant #2, 201 & 209 Aaron Street
    Phase I ESA Complete, Materials Testing Ongoing; Phase II ESA Pending
  • Former American Furniture Plant #5, 200 Aaron Street
    Phase I ESA Ongoing

3. Candidate Sites, August 2018:

  • Rives Theater, 215 E Church Street
  • Chief Tassel Building, 51 E Church Street
  • Service Station, 101 W Church Street
  • Clarence Holland Auto, 600 W Church Street
  • American of Martinsville Site, Railroad Street
  • Sons of Solomon Lodge, 710-714 W Fayette Street

4. How can I get my property enrolled in the Program for an assessment?

Contact the City of Martinsville Department of Community Development to see if your property   is a good candidate for this Program or other redevelopment incentives available in the City.


For additional information regarding the Martinsville Brownfields Redevelopment Program,  please contact:

Megan Spencer, Community Development Specialist
City Administration Building, Room 217
55 W. Church Street / PO Box 1112
Martinsville, VA  24112
Phone: (276) 403-5156
Email: mspencer@ci.martinsville.va.us