Current Bids and Information


Download a copy of any sealed bid or proposal listed below by clicking the actual Bid Request. 

The City of Martinsville is not responsible for bid packages printed from this website. It is the vendor's responsibility to check for any addendums, plan sheets or changes.

Sealed bids and proposals may be submitted by postal mail to:

City of Martinsville Purchasing Department, Zachary Morris, P O Box 1112, Martinsville, Va. 24114-1112

or Mailed, Hand delivered, sent by UPS or FedEx to the physical address: 

City of Martinsville Central Warehouse
990 Fishel Street (old address is 300 Fishel Street)
Martinsville, Va. 24112-3248 




#1 The City of Martinsville will receive Sealed Proposals in the Purchasing Manager office 990 Fishel St. Martinsville, VA 24112, until 2:00pm on November 18, 2021

Health Administrative Services 

Amendment #1 

-The amount of eligible employees will increase from 331 as listed in current RFP to approximately 680 which includes the Martinsville City School System.

#2 The City of Martinsville will receive Sealed Proposals at the Piedmont Regional Criminal Training Academy, 1024 DuPont Rd. Martinsville, VA 24112 until 5:00pm on January 21, 2022

City is issuing on behalf of PRCTA :



Sole Source Procurement & AwARDS

NOTICE OF AWARD- CDW Government Inc Firewall

RK Chevrolet

Altec Line Truck

Altec Bucket Truck 

Office 365 -SHI International 

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