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1. Will your business be located or conducted within the city limits of Martinsville?
2. Have you contacted the Zoning Office to see if your business location is zoned for the type of business you intend to conduct?
3. Are you looking for a building or site in the City of Martinsville to locate your business?
4. Do you intend to operate your business out of your home?
5. Will you use a sign to advertise your business, initiate any building construction or tenant improvements, or will there be a change in property use from the previous business occupant?
6. Will you sell or serve beer, wine and/or liquor?
7. Will you serve prepared food, operate a tattoo or massage facility, hotel or public pool?
8. Will you employ three or more employees?
9. Are you a general or sub-contractor?
10. Will your business be a corporation or limited liability company?
11. Do you need a Federal ID Number and Federal IRS forms?
12. Will you be operating a retail sales business?
13. Will you use a fictitious name or “doing business as” name?
14. Will you be using personal property or machinery and tools for business purposes?
15. Will you be operating a taxi service?
16. Will you be conducting dances at your business location?
17. Have you completed all the above requirements that you answered “yes” to?