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Field Operations Field Operations

Field Operations

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The Uniform Patrol Division provides the community with around the clock professional police service and crime prevention. While all departments are essential, patrol is the backbone of our department. Our patrol officers also serve as neighborhood resource officers which provides personal service to 22 areas in the city of Martinsville.

Neighborhood Resource Officer Program

This program breaks our city into twenty-two individual neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has an assigned patrol officer which gives them the chance to meet our residents on a more personal level. The officers conduct door to door meetings to check on residents and hear their concerns. The MPD is seeking a grant for 2019-2020 to continue to pay officers overtime to perform NRO activities.


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Investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division work diligently with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to provide high quality criminal cases for prosecution. Investigators process and collect evidence, interview witnesses and suspects, and are advocates for victims of crimes. The Martinsville Police Department partners with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, the Department of Social Services (CPS & APS) and Southside Survivor Response Center (SSRC) and other partners around the City of Martinsville and surrounding areas. The division is lead by a Lieutenant and is comprised of four investigators and one crime analyst.



Martinsville Police Department uses the skills of a crime analyst. The analyst works under the Criminal Investigations Division and assists patrol with growing crime trends. The analyst complies information from the police reports submitted by officers and then tracks crime trends. They also provide intel bulletins and updates for officers and surrounding jurisdictions. The analyst also works to ensure all police reports are meeting state validation requirements as well as serving as the Crime Stoppers secretary and assists with the Domestic Violence Initiative/Lethality Assessment Program.



The special investigations unit consists of a Lieutenant , a sergeant and two Task Force Officers. This unit focuses on narcotics, organized crime activity and quality of life related crimes. All investigators work closely with many other local, state and federal agencies such as:


  • Local Sheriff’s Office
  • Virginia State Police
  • Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Federal Bureau Investigations
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • US Marshall’s Task Force

During the fiscal year 2019, Martinsville Police Department Special Investigations Unit participated in numerous Federal, State and Local Investigations with successful resolutions. The MPD SIU investigated approximately 257 cases with numerous cases ongoing and pending. The SIU participated in 4 Grand Jury terms with subsequent arrest operations focusing on Narcotic dealers and users. We also conducted two arrest operations for outstanding warrants mainly focusing on multiple Felony Probation Violations offenders.


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The Martinsville Police Department has two senior officers assigned to ATF and DEA Task Forces as well as four sergeants who serve as US Marshal Task Force Officers. These positions are sworn federal positions, in which the officers work with other federal agents to investigate violent crimes, violent firearm offense and complex narcotic/diversion in the city and other surrounding areas.