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Traffic Safety General Information

Traffic Safety Information

Traffic Enforcement

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In 2019, the department conducted four traffic checking details with the focus on seatbelt and DUI enforcement. Officers wrote 2821 traffic summons this year, investigated 291 traffic accidents and made 57 DUI arrests. We also worked with the Transportation Safety Committee to reduce the number of tractor trailers uptown and in other prohibited areas.

The department has two speed trailers which are deployed to an area where speeding complaints are received. The trailers collect data, including number of vehicles, speeds and times. We are able to take the collected data and focus our enforcement efforts on areas and times where speeding offenses and traffic crashes are most frequent.


Crash Reconstruction Team

This team is comprised of 5 patrol officers who volunteer to be assigned when motor vehicle crashes involving fatalities, serious injury or significant property damage occur within city limits. The team is certified in basic and advance crash level/accident reconstruction and have worked along other certified investigators. The team investigated a traffic fatality and a pedestrian accident with serious injury in 2019.


DMV Grants

Each year, the Martinsville Police Department receives grant funding from the Division of Motor Vehicles. Based on statistical data, the grants are given to jurisdictions in an effort to reduce accidents, injuries, and even deaths related to vehicle crashes.

There are two categories that the Martinsville Police Department receives.

  • Speed Enforcement: To reduce speeding within the City of Martinsville, overtime funding is provided for officers to work RADAR within the city limits to reduce crashes.
  • Alcohol: Provides officers the opportunity to work overtime to enforce the DUI laws to reduce alcohol related crashes.


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