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Council meets twice monthly - the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Other special called meetings may be called at any time, but usually are called with at least 24 hours notice.  Meetings include four Neighborhood Focus Meetings. 

Council members' collective understanding of community needs, knowledge of cross-governmental issues and their vision of the future provides the foundation for basic neighborhood-level services and development of future citywide plans. City Council develops a strategic plan which sets forth program goals and objectives, and lays out action steps for the City administration in order to achieve Council's goals. City Council elections are held every two years and terms are staggered for five Council members elected at large to four-year terms.  

MEETING DOCUMENTATION (agendas, minutes, videos)
Report to City Council Review of MHC Economic Development March 2015
Information on what is a Council/Manager form of government?
Boards and Commission information

Constitutional Officers

Elected officers include circuit court clerk, commissioner of the revenue, Commonwealth's attorney, sheriff and treasurer. The registrar is appointed by the electoral board. Martinsville's elected constitutional officers and appointed voter registrar meet Virginia's requirements for providing services to the city's residents. All officers are located in the municipal building at 55 W. Church Street except for the sheriff's main office, which is adjacent to the municipal building on Moss Street. The sheriff also operates the city's farm on Clearview Drive.

All elected officers serve four-year terms with the exception of the circuit court clerk, who serves terms of eight years.