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Records Management System

Martinsville Circuit Court Records

Secure Remote Access to Land Record Databases is provided by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia, via its Web-Enabled Records Management System.

Subscribers: Enter the Martinsville Records Management System Website

To Inquire About Subscribing Call 276-403-5105

Application for Internet Access to Records Management System

Information you can find in the Martinsville Record Management System:

Group                                           From Date                 To Date

Deeds and Land Records              7/01/1971               Present

Financing Statement                      7/05/1994               Present

General Miscellaneous                   9/07/1990               Present

Judgments                                     7/02/1986               Present

Marriage Licenses                         4/25/1942               Present

Wills and Fiduciaries                     1/11/1990                Present