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City Administration


Martinsville adheres to the Council-Manager form of government. The best comparison for to the private sector is that the council serves as the policy-making and budget-setting body much like a corporate board of directors sets the path for its CEO, the city manager.

Martinsville's City Council is composed of five members serving four-year terms as at-large representatives of the city's residents. The city does not elect council members in wards or districts. Terms are staggered, with two members elected in one cycle and three members elected in the next.

Martinsville's chief executive officer is its city manager. The city manager oversees daily operations of the city, with direct supervision over department heads who manage city activities in their areas of expertise. The city manager also works closely with a variety of agencies, including schools and economic development, to ensure quality of life for the residents of Martinsville.

The City's newly revised organizational chart is now available.

The City administration is housed at the municipal complex around 55 W. Church Street. The City Manager's office is on the second floor in Room 216.
Telephone: 276-403-5182
Fax: 276-403-5280.

Brief history of Martinsville's transition from a town to a city of the second class and then to a city of the first class