Flag Mural Government

Constitutional Offices

Martinsville's Constitutional Officers are: Ruth Easley-Commissioner of the Revenue, Ashby Pritchett-Circuit Court Clerk, Steve Draper-Martinsville City Sheriff, Cindy Dickerson-Treasurer, Sara Workman -Registrar and Andy Hall- Commonwealth's Attorney. Martinsville's elected constitutional officers and appointed voter registrar meet Virginia's requirements for providing services to the city's residents. All officers are located in the municipal building at 55 W. Church Street except for the sheriff's main office, which is adjacent to the municipal building on Moss Street. The sheriff also operates the city's farm on Clearview Drive.

Elected officers include Circuit Court Clerk, Commissioner of the Revenue, Commonwealth's Attorney, Sheriff and Treasurer. The Registrar is appointed by the electoral board.

All elected officers serve four-year terms with the exception of the circuit court clerk, who serves terms of eight years.