Annual Report Government

Annual Report 11/17/2022

Martinsville Sheriff’s Office

Annual Report

Date: November 10, 2022



    A.  A description of the concerns voiced from the community: 

          There were no concerns expressed to our office during this past year.          

    B.  A description of potential problems that have a bearing on law enforcement activities     

         within the community:  


         Since the Martinsville Police Department is the primary law enforcement entity within        

         Martinsville, any potential problems concerning criminal activity shall be passed on to the

         Martinsville Police Department. This is especially true when it concerns potential

         informants, vice-drug complaints and contraband in the jail.


           Our responsibility is in the security of the courthouse and surrounding municipal building

         and parking areas.


         Retention of Sheriff’s Office employees continues to be a goal that should continue to be  

         an important objective. I believe that consistent turnover of employees constitutes a

         security risk that in turn has a bearing on how we can best perform our mission.


    C.  Recommendations:   


         No recommendations for concerns. 




D.  Future Goals and Objectives:


The City Annex (farm) was closed in the early part of 2022 due to short staffing within the Sheriff's Office. The number of new hires is up this year so far and the Sheriff's Office is planning to reopen the City Annex in early 2023. Planning and research is still an ongoing concern with the growing number of costs associated with inmate overcrowding in our jail facility.    



  E.  Department Statistics:


1.      CIVIL:

Subpoenas received:                                                                    2510

Jury Summons received:                                                                  1029

Levies received:                                                                               236

Other Civil Process:                                                                  11642


2.      INMATES:

Inmate transports other than to local courts:                                 536

Mental patient trips within jurisdiction:                                              15

Mental patient trips out of jurisdiction:                                            13

Extraditions completed:                                                                     13



Circuit Court days:                                                                            173

Average number Circuit Court Judges                                                  1



General District Court days:                                                              139

Average number General District Court Judges:                                  1                          


5.      JUVENILE AND DOMESTIC RELATIONS COURT:                          

Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court days:                                       112

Average number Juvenile & Domestic Court Judges:                            1





  F.  Agency Activities:


The Martinsville Sheriff's Office does not have any new activities in play so far this year. Some renovations and maintenance repairs are ongoing at our City Annex (farm) facility in preparation for hoping to reopen in early 2023.