Comprehensive Plan

City of Martinsville Comprehensive Plan 2021 Update

This planning document is an update to Vantage: Taking Control of the Future-Martinsville Comprehensive Plan 1996 Update. The Vantage plan followed earlier documents developed in 1978 and 1984. This Comprehensive Plan Update, while building on the concepts of earlier plans, attempts to address new challenges that the City of Martinsville will face over the next twenty years and to provide a framework to help guide public officials to meet the Goals and Objectives established by Martinsville City Council and the City's residents.

View the Comprehensive Plan - Amended and Adopted July 27, 2021

Purpose & Authority to Plan

The purpose of this update to the Martinsville Comprehensive Plan is to provide a sound basis for the day-to-day decisions of the City government. The plan is based upon the target date of 2028. The process and purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is identified in the Code of Virginia (Title 15.2, Chapter 22, Sections 2223 through 2232). The general requirements of the Plan can be found in Section 446.1: The Code of Virginia provides requirements for Plan review. "At least once every five years, the Comprehensive Plan shall be reviewed by the local commissions to determine whether it is advisable to amend the plan."

Project Team

This document was developed cooperatively by the City staff and the West Piedmont Planning District Commission staff members for review by the Martinsville Planning Commission and final adoption by Martinsville City Council.