Tangible Personal Property Tax


The Commissioner of Revenue administers the tangible personal property tax and the personal property tax relief. Each year the Commissioner mails to each city taxpayer around mid-February a tangible personal property return form listing the individual's personal property owned as of January 1 of the taxable year.

The individual taxpayer must verify that the information on the form is correct, fully complete the filing form and return it to the Commissioner's office by May 2nd in order to avoid a late filing penalty and to possibly qualify for personal property tax relief.

If you fail to receive a tangible personal property tax form you may download a blank 2023 Tangible Personal Property Tax Form (PDF). Please list all vehicles including trailers, boats, motorcycles that you own, and garage in the City of Martinsville.

Registering Your Vehicle

All residents owning personal property in the City of Martinsville are required to register their vehicles with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Commissioner of the Revenue within 60 days of any of the following:

  • Moving a vehicle (including trailers) into the City of Martinsville
  • Moving a boat (contact the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries) into the City of Martinsville
  • Sale or disposal of an old vehicle
  • Change in name and/or address

Contact Us

Martinsville Municipal Building
55 W. Church Street
Room 101
Martinsville, VA  24112

Phone:  (276) 403-5131
Fax: (276) 403-5337

Forms can also be dropped in the City Treasurer's overnight lock box located beside the drive-thru at:

Martinsville Municipal Building
55 W. Church Street
Martinsville, VA

Please note "Commissioner of the Revenue" on your envelope if you are not using a preprinted envelope.